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May 1st 1991, Chickadee Cottage opened the doors to guest to take a step back to homemade and leisurely. Donna Hawkins dream and passion of cooking and travels to England would create Chickadee Cottage Tearoom and Restaurant. She strived for fresh and high quality food that would satisfy even the hungry man. Donna and Howard Hawkins ran there business for years, later selling the Chickadee to Ron and and Joan Schimbeno who were employed by them. The Schimbeno’s had ran and owned business before. Over the course of there 19 seasons of stewardship they enhanced the Tearoom to a Cafe added wifi and expanded the menu while keeping the charm and quietness of the establishment. The Chickadee continues to sore with new owners Trent Tingled and Laure’n Kann on July 1st 2016. Trent’s passion for the culinary arts started at a young age. He worked in a variety of locations, working his way from California to Minnesota. During this time he learned new techniques and different styles of cooking. Laure’n had worked for Ron and Joan for over 14 seasons. She enjoys the atmosphere with all the new and regular guests that came each passing season. Little did they know they have became an extended family, staff and guests. Laure’n and Trent will continue the Chickadee traditions and make new ones with neighbors alike.






OPEN : Tues.- Sat. 8:00-2:00 Closed Monday
“Friday Night Dinner Special 5-8pm 
Sunday 9am-2pm 

317 North Lakeshore Drive
Lake City, MN
55941 651-345-5155

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317 North Lakeshore Drive, Lake City, MN 55941 651-345-5155